Test Firefox Voice

Firefox Voice is an experiment from Mozilla that lets you browse and get more done with your voice—faster than ever. We are looking for fearless early adopters who are willing to test the new add-on and give us feedback before the major public release. Are you ready to join us? Simply install the browser add-on, then command the entire internet with just your voice.

Things to know:
- The Firefox Voice Add-on is desktop/laptop only for right now.
- You’ll need a working microphone to use Firefox Voice.



Firefox Voice will help you to navigate faster and easier on the web. Since we are still testing, we are asking the early adopters (you) to:

– Have telemetry always enabled and allow collection of voice transcripts

– Reply to our user surveys

– File any bugs you might find

Mozilla stores your data securely and without personally identifying information.

Step 1 – Reproduce:

Follow the same steps to make sure the bug appears more than once.

Step 2 – Give all the details here:

Try to be thorough and describe exactly the bug you found or the feature you would like to see.

It’s helpful to be specific with the exact phrase you said and the intended behavior you expected. Additionally, if you we’re using the add-on in a noisy environment, with headphones, or have an accent those details help us debug and correct the issue. Try to be thorough and describe exactly the bug you found/the feature you would like to see.

Search and Navigate Faster

Whether you need to maintain your focus or just have your hands full, now you can go hand-free to retrieve information instantly.

“What’s the name of that paella spice?”

“Tell me about the Salton Sea”


Play music

Play and control music on your favorite websites

“Play Jazz on Spotify”



Control Tabs

Got a lot of open tabs in your browser? Find the one you are looking for instantly or just open another new one.

“Find my calendar tab”

“Close tab”


More things you can say