Autumn Hacks II

30 Okt - 01 November, 2020

10:00 - 22:00 Asia/Kolkata

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Autumn Hacks II is an Inclusive Hackathon hosted by Mozilla Punjab, [MozNUV](, [Codezilla]( and [DSC NIT Rourkela]( Autumn Hacks II commences on the 30th of October which comprises of mini-games, workshops, and a boatload of other such activities until the 1st of November. Autumn Hacks stands unique as it does not limit itself to a particular group of people. Any avid individual who is ever ready to grab the opportunity, to learn new stuff and build together,is welcome. We’re also celebrating Hacktoberfest throughout October and will be hosting workshops and sessions to help folks build in open source, for open source!


The first and foremost goal of Autumn Hacks is to edify every participant with some new skill! We want to boost the innovation culture and further establish the idea-sharing, effective collaboration and creativeness driven by enthusiasm towards a shared goal. Exchanging technological knowledge and creativity stands as the priority of Autumn Hacks. Let's engage ourselves in solving real world issues where we can enhance our already existing skills.

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