Codezilla's 30 Days of Code

01 Feb - 02 März, 2022

11:00 - 13:00 Asia/Kolkata

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This is an online-only event

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Codezilla's 30 Days of Code program focuses on a variety of technologies. This program offers various tracks, including Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Structures and Algorithms, and so on. Our primary purpose is to not only aid individuals in improving problem-solving and logical thinking skills, but also to assist you in broadening your knowledge.


Hello there!
There are specific requirements to be followed for individuals who find the program intriguing and are willing to work on it:

- First and foremost, follow Codezilla on all of our social media accounts to stay up to speed on the program and its regulations.

- The most critical step is to complete the registration. Take your time filling it out and make sure that all of the information you provide is accurate.

- The following step is to narrow down your area of interest. Choose a domain that interests you or you want to learn about. You'll be working on the domain for 30 days, so plan accordingly. We will not consider modifying the domain after it has been chosen.

- Then join the discord server, to stay updated about the program. You will then be introduced to your mentors and the rest of your peers. Your respective mentors will provide resources and a timeline of work for the domain that you select, and you are free to follow them as you see fit.

- Once 30 Days of Code begins, you must share your daily learning with your mentors by sharing your GitHub repositories with them and by sharing your progress on social networking channels.

- On weekends, there will be exciting webinars, and mentors will have weekly review sessions where you may discuss your concerns and progress with them.

- Finally, you will be eligible for swags only if you share your daily learning with us and your mentors respond positively to your journey.

- If you create a blog about your experience with Codezilla's 30 Days of Code, you'll get an extra entry for a T-Shirt. Apart from that, certificates will be provided to everyone.

- We're looking forward to seeing you for the program. Happy coding!


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