MozNUV Meet-Up #3!

26 Juli, 2020

16:00 - 18:00 Asia/Kolkata

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The third meet-up of MozNUV consists of two talks. The first one is Starting out with Flutter by Jahnavi Jainwal. The second talk is Fenil Shah’s Journey in Cybersecurity. Attendees will be informed about the basics of flutter and why you should start out with Android Development with Flutter and Dart. And in the second session, Fenil Shah will share his story in Cybersecurity.


Participants who haven’t yet started out with Flutter will understand how easy it is to create mobile applications with Flutter. Jahnavi will explain the basic syntaxes. And also in the next talk by Fenil, attendees will understand what ethical hacking actually looks like, what his story is, how did he advance in this field and how did he even start?


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