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About Us

We are SRMKZILLA, the official Mozilla Campus Club of SRMIST: A team of extraordinary people from different backgrounds but with the same desire to innovate and educate. With this collective goal in mind, we make sure every one of our events has an air of passion and zeal to create something amazing.

SRMKZILLA is one of the well-known technical clubs in the campus, praised by multiple organizations and loved by students for our highly interactive workshops. Our reach is not limited to the bounds of the campus, as we frequently invite speakers from other reputed institutes and organizations.

We aim to educate the student community about the latest innovations in technology by conducting and instructing various hands-on workshops, competitions and conferences.

At SRMKZILLA, we take up projects from companies, campus clubs and NGOs from in and around the campus, which span a multitude of technological areas such as web development and app development.

We also go beyond technology; we coordinate with local NGOs to organize plantation drives, to help make the world a better place. We also have visits to local orphanages, to light up the day of those wonderful children.


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