Respond Campaign

December 03 - February 22, 2019

On November 12th Mozilla is launching major updates to  its new Android web browser Firefox Preview. We need your help to support all the enthusiastic new users. We’re asking YOU to join Mozillians around the world for a month of answering questions and helping users have a great experience! 

How To Help

Do you like helping people? Are you interested on testing a new browser and get the chance to make an impact by helping users that love open source? Then this is your chance to shine!

How to Respond

Go to the respond tool website

Mozilla has created a website to enable volunteers to reply to users reviews.

Follow the sign up instructions

Create an account by following the instructions in the page. You can choose to reply to as many languages as  you speak

Help users by replying to their reviews

You are all set! You can either reply to reviews to moderate fellow volunteers replies.        

Instructions for great replies

Step 1: be kind

Sometimes people are frustrated when they write a review. Always remember that their comments are not directed to you and try to respond kindly.

Step 2: personalize

Give a nice note to the user by replying addressing their name.

Step 3: check common responses

You don’t know the answer? We got you covered. Check our common responses.

Respond Tool Tutorial

Throw a Respond event

You can gather with your local Mozillians and hold Respond events in your city. Just remember to keep your receipts, and look for a local Resources Rep that can submit a budget for you. You can expense up to 100 USD following these guidelines.