Git Complete: Zero to Hero

April 30 - May 01, 2022

13:00 - 16:00 UTC+05:00

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Git is a system for managing snapshots of plain text projects. It is widely used in industry and academia for distributed collaboration amongst programmers. It is also useful to individuals who want to manage and back up plain text projects across multiple devices. GitHub is a popular website for hosting projects that use Git.

This workshop will provide a gentle introduction to Git and GitHub aimed at a general audience. Since Git is most often used in a text-based environment, we will also cover some simple use of the Unix command line. The goal of the workshop is that you will attain some idea of what Git is and how to begin using it.


The outline of the TWO Days workshop is mentioned below:

· Git Overview

· Git Sourcetree & Command line Installation

· Configuration, Cloning, and basic workflow

· Project Setup

· Visual Merge or Diff Tool Installation (P4Merge)

· Git Repository Setup

· Comparing Working Directory and Staging Area

· Comparing Working Directory and Git Repository

· Limiting Comparison to One File/ Path

· .ignore

· Comparing Between Commits

· Comparing between Local and Remote Master Branches

· Fetch, Pull & Push Request

· Comparison Section Cleanup and Pushback to Github

· Branching Basics

· Happy Path /Fast Forward Merges and /Disable Fast Forward Merges

· Automatic Merges

· Conflicting Merges and Resolution

· Generating and SSH Key, and verify ssh authentication with GitHub

· Simple Rebase

· Setup for rebasing Conflict

· Abort a rebase

· Rebase conflict and Resolution

· Pull with Rebase (Github)

· Section Cleanup and Push to github

· Simple Stash Example

· Stashing Untracked Files and Using pop

· Managing Multiple Stashes

· Stashing into a branch

· Stashing Section Resources

· Lightweight Tags

· Annotated Tags

· Comparison Tags

· Tagging a Specific Commit

· Updating Tags & Tagging Section Resources

· Reset and Reflog

· Compare Branches via Github and Command Line

· Stash vs Branch