Interfaces and Experiences - with Devansh Gajjar

August 02, 2020

01:30 - 02:30 UTC+05:30

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The amazing thing about design is that you never know less and you never know it all as well, you are always in the process! While one is learning about it you never really learn it as other subjects like physics/chemistry there are no laws really but ‘good’ practices which help in making your design look good.

In this session, we will open similar conversations and some design fields which you might be known to as Communications, Graphic, UI or UX design. We will try to look into was differentiates them or maybe how you can possibly find your liking towards. Apart from all of this, the session is open for conversations about anything related to design which you always wanted to have a chat on. People can talk about their personal experiences to which others might relate to, one can ask queries or even get feedback on their respective design(s)!


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