Talking Festival

November 10 - November 17, 2023

00:00 - 00:00 UTC

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A “talking festival” could refer to an event or gathering focused dialogue, or discussions.                                                                                                   


Public Speaking Festival: This type of event might center around public speaking skills, featuring competitions, workshops, and presentations. Participants could include individuals looking to improve their speaking abilities or professionals in fields where effective communication is crucial.

Conversation and Dialogue Festival: A festival dedicated to conversations and dialogues could provide a platform for open discussions, debates, or conversations on various topics. It might encourage meaningful exchanges of ideas, diverse perspectives, and constructive communication.

Storytelling Festival: This could be an event where people come together to share and listen to stories. Storytellers might include authors, oral storytellers, or individuals with interesting and compelling life narratives.

Language and Linguistics Festival: Such a festival might focus on language, linguistics, and the art of communication. It could involve discussions on language diversity, linguistic research, and the cultural aspects of communication.

Communication Skills Workshop: A talking festival might include workshops or sessions aimed at enhancing communication skills, covering topics such as active listening, effective verbal communication, and nonverbal communication.