Common Voice 100 hours sprint

22 abril - 05 abril 2019

Mozilla's Common Voice is the project that aims to unlock and open the voice ecosystem. It needs YOUR help to advance English voice collection and get to the next level. In order for a language to be usable by speech recognition engines we need at least 2000 hours of voice collected from at least 1000 diverse people, and we think communities are the only ones that can enable this diversity.

So are you in a country where English is being used as an everyday language? RSVP in the campaign!

Results: 27 hours were gathered.

How to participate

Participating in this campaign can be done solo, with friends, as an event or in a public space. Why not try them all?

Lone ranger

Do you prefer to contribute by the comfort of your couch? No problem! Read the guidelines here

Fun with friends

If you’re a small group of 3-5 people and you’re looking on how to contribute to Mozilla, you can try to have a fun evening activity by following the guidelines under the fun with friends section

Show time

So you’re planning to go big and host a big event? We have you covered! Check our guide on how to engage with the audience

Throw a Common Voice Event

You can gather with your local Mozillians and hold Bug Hunting events in your city.Host a crash-party, a idea-a-thon, or a download contest. Just remember to keep your receipts, and look for a local Resources Rep that can submit a budget for you. You can expense up to 100 USD following these guidelines.