Mozilla Chile

Verificado | Santiago, Chile | Creado 21 enero, 2020

Aproximadamente Nos

Welcome to the Mozilla Chile community—a dynamic and revitalized group that emerged in 2013 following the reformation of ChileMoz and Our mission is clear: to champion the Mozilla cause across Chile. Our efforts are centered on delivering enlightening discussions and promoting the values and products outlined in the Mozilla manifesto on a national scale.

Beyond our own initiatives, we enthusiastically engage with the wider community by actively participating in events organized by other esteemed organizations. You'll find us collaborating with events like FLISOL, DSL, and SpaceApps, where we bring our passion for Mozilla's vision to the forefront.

Join us as we continue to drive forward, embodying the spirit of Mozilla and empowering individuals throughout Chile to explore, create, and thrive in the digital world.


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