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BEING/HAVE BEEN in the era of information technology and automation, we have understood that nothing is impossible, just nothing. The computing machines which actually are little chips remember our information, they remind us of our deeds, in fact, they do our deeds and ALSO hide necessary stuff. That's not it, THEY connect millions of people across the web. All we have to do is to tell it ACCURATELY what we require to be done, using the right method and appropriate language. We need the right design, the planned work, the right amount of optimization, and WE here to do it all. It's the interest and the will to be a creator that matters. We pledge for a healthy and open internet.
We the Hyderabad community, jot down what we need, and then explore all POSSIBLE ways before we arrive at the right creation. We do no prototypical work, we create prototypes of the evolving web. We with open arms welcome the aspiring creators to be a part of our crew.

THAT'S NOT ALL WE DO!! We Participate in Localization (L10n), in Activating Campaigns (activate), Advocacy/Policy, Product Evangelism (promote technologies like Rust or WebVR), and UNDOUBTEDLY CODE (WebVR, Add-ons & Rust)


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These days on zoom. The meeting id and password will be mentioned on the event page.


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