Help Firefox win on Android Support users in your language!

02 июня - 09 июня 2018

Help users have a better experience

Help users who are asking for support in reviews on the Play Store. Join Mozillians around the world for a week of answering questions and helping users have a great experience!

Results: by the end of  the campaign, 431 volunteers replied to 2200, 1 and 2 star reviews in a week - in 9 different languages.

How to Use the New Firefox User Support Tool

How to host an event

So you decided to host an event, congratulations! Your efforts will help Firefox users to get the support they need. Register your event by using the Registration form.

In case you haven’t organized an event before, you can find everything on how to organize an event on this event guide.



  • Introduction talk, why this work is important for Firefox in your region
  • Ask the attendees to watch this video to understand how the tool works
  • Participants go and log in to the Firefox for Android support tool and follow the instructions there.
  • Keep doing the awesome work and make Firefox better!

Resources you can request

For this event you can request up to 30 USD. Please note that you can only apply for the budget after the event happens. To do so, fill out the request budget form and provide the link to your receipts. Budget requests without a link to receipts will not be considered.

Note: We know that in some cases 30 USD might not be enough. In cases you’ve spent more do send us the receipts. We will evaluate them and reimburse you if the expenses are justified in your local.

Here is a list of items you can ask for:

  • Refreshments and snacks for the participants
  • Internet (in case your connection is not good enough)

Note: You can request funding for your event as long as more than 10 people attended