Community Call - The Mozilla Community: how it started and where it is going

15 декабря, 2022

16:00 - 17:00 UTC

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Our December Community Call will explore the relationship between Mozilla and its community: a relationship that has existed since the dawn of time…well since the dawn of Netscape, at the very least.

So, on December 15, let’s talk about Mozilla and its community(es): how it started, how it evolved, and where It is going.

Leading this call we will have Asa Dotzler (current Senior Staff Product manager, which started working with the community before Firefox even existed), Mike Hoye (Mozilla’s First Engineering Community Manager and current Sr Staff Eng Project Manager ), and Konstantina Papadea (current Staff Program Manager, she has worked with Mozilla Global Communities for more than 10 years).

Check out the call on the Mozilla Developer Youtube channel (link coming soon).

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