Localize Mozilla

 Mozilla's translation and localization efforts spread Firefox and Mozilla across the world. There are many different products and projects you can support through localization. 

Choose one below to get started!

Localize Mozilla products

If you want to make Firefox available in your language, join a global community of localizers from all over the world. Track the progress of various Mozilla localization projects, create an account on Pontoon, find your language, and get started!

Translate support articles

Help Mozilla Support speak to everyone! Make sure articles are available in your language by joining a  translating team. Your contributions will help millions of users around the world. Pretty heroic, right?

With friends/your community:

Localization is a great project to undertake as a community. Choose a project, plan an event,  and spend a few hours working together to make that project specific to your local language.

  • Training on l10n tools and process
  • Quality Review
    • Activities which focus on improving the quality of the community’s localizations. Could include reviewing pending suggestions, creating or editing style guides, testing localizations, or fixing Pontoon or Transvision reported errors, etc.
  • L10n development (Pontoon, MT, etc.)
    • Activities which focus on improving the l10n toolchain at Mozilla. Could include fixing Pontoon bugs, fixing Transvision bugs, developing unique tools that use the Pontoon API, etc.
  • L10n sprint for newly launched Mozilla products (version 1.0)
    • Activities which result in a locale being included in version 1.0 of a new Mozilla product. It could include string translation, translation review, testing, etc.
Localization and translation

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