Firefox Fights For You - Video Challenge

January 11 - February 03, 2019

The Firefox Fights for You campaign, launched at the start of Dec 2018, with a set of compilation videos where people  “tell our story together” in 3 languages (English, German, French). We got  amazing submissions from so many teams. Read the winners announcement and watch the mash-up of the videos!

Results: 15 submissions

The Mash-Up Video

The effort resulted in 15 submissions and the team awarded a prize for best brand alignment to the video from Indonesia; and, it awarded a prize for popularity (based on video views and hashtag reach) to the video from Tamil Nadu (India). Awarding prizes was tough, though, as there the other submissions, including from Taiwan and Palestine, were also loved.

“45 people jumped in to record new videos in three languages, you can see the passion of everyone who participated. While the videos are short, we have hours of footage we will use in the future.”

How to Make Your Own video

01: translate the Script

Your video should be 15sec long. Here is the script to be translated.

Your life is your business.

Not ours.

With Firefox, what’s personal

stays private.

We make the choices clear,

And keep your data safe,

Never sold.

Live your life. Own your life.

Firefox fights for you.

02: Record your video

Record your video with your Phone or Camera, framing speakers as in the original video. Load the script in your language using a teleprompter app such as BIGVU. Have one person operate the camera while others read the script, either individually or as a group Or, if you have a small number of people, shoot a selfie video with the group on camera

NOTE: choose as quiet a location as possible to ensure good sound quality.

03: edit Your Video

For Macs – here’s a tutorial video for iMovie.

Here is an easy free video editing app for Android: Quik by GoPro. Here is the tutorial.

04: submit & Share Your Video

Submit your video for judging by February 3rd. We’ll be announcing the winners for best quality video and most popular video in February. Once you’ve submitted don’t forget to tweet, email, share your video with as many people as you can. The video with the most views will win for popularity!

The Contest

Does your community have what it takes to make the best FFFY video? The challenge is on! We’ll judge the top videos and send cool Firefox Fights For You t-shirts to the winning team. There will be an award for highest quality and one for most popular. Details below!

Quality - Brand Alignment

Does the video use the right slides, background, and does it follow the script?

Quality - Audio/Picture

Is the sound and picture quality good. Not everyone will have access to a real camera but finding a quiet, well-lit space will make a huge difference!

Quality - Participants

Does the video showcase the diversity of the community? Does it include people of different genders, identities, abilities, regions, age or cultures

Popularity - Views

We’ll look at which video has the most views on YouTube.

Popularity - Social Shares

We’ll keep track of how many people are sharing and talking about each video on social media.

Popularity - Virality

Could your video go viral? If your video starts getting shared, remixed, and passed around the web you’ll definitely win the popularity prize!

Cool T-Shirt Prizes

Prize T-Shirt - Straight Fit
Prize T-Shirt - Straight Fit
Prize T-Shirt - Shaped Fit
Prize T-Shirt - Shaped Fit