Unfck the Internet Campaign

November 10, 2020

Firefox wants to UnFck the Internet

The internet enables new opportunities for learning, building a sense of shared humanity, and solving the pressing problems facing people everywhere. Over the last decade, we have seen this fulfilled in many ways.

We have also seen the power of the internet used to magnify divisiveness, incite violence, promote hatred, and intentionally manipulate fact and reality.

On November 10th, we want your support to highlight the best of the internet and eradicate the worst...together.

Now let’s unfck the internet together!

How to participate:

Share in social media

  • Share stories on how you have taken action to unfck the internet, individually or with your community.
  • Use the UnfcktheInternet overlay on an image of yourself (or any other content you wish!)
  • Use #UnfcktheInternet and #communitystories
  • Tag @unfcktheinternet for your Instagram posts
Tweet using #UnfcktheInternet #communitystories

Localize the campaign

  • Localize the campaign in your locale! The campaign has already been localized in a few languages (de, fr)  but you can help us to spread it further.   To do so, we suggest that you do not translate the sentence “unfck the internet”.
German campaign website

Spread the word

With this campaign we are trying to reach a wider audience than ever. For that reason we created tips for you on how to do so.

Check out our tips

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