MDN Web Docs 100% Markdown Hackday

July 30, 2022

10:00 - 16:00 UTC+02:00

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This is an online-only event

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Since moving all of MDN Web Docs content to GitHub, we have been converting the documents for English and all currently active languages to Markdown.

All of the English content has been converted, and some of our active languages are very close. We would love to have all MDN Web Docs source documentation moved to 100% Markdown.

This will make contributions easier for those not comfortable with HTML and also allow us to refine and clean up our tooling. This, in turn, allows us to improve the existing tooling to better support writers and contributors.

As this is a conversion from HTML to Markdown, you do not need to speak or be able to read the language the content is written in. What you do need is:

– Internet access
– Some experience using GitHub and Git (there will be people to help so, don’t be to concerned if you are new to these)
– A basic working knowledge of HTML
– A basic working knowledge of Markdown

We have a tool to do the initial conversion from HTML to Markdown, so your tasks would be:

– Run the initial conversion
– Review the results and make any updates that may be needed.
– Work collaboratively using GitHub pull requests to land your changes.

Spreadsheet listing all documents that needs conversion:


The ultimate goal is to get to 100% Markdown, but for this event, the main goals of the event are:

- Get more people involved in the project.
- Teach people how to use the Markdown conversion tool.
- Teach people how to use Git and GitHub in a collaborative, supportive community environment.
- Make progress towards our overall goal.