Networking Nomads

November 20, 2021

17:00 - 18:00 Asia/Kolkata

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After a break, we are now coming back with CODEZILLA’s INSIGHT!

We all are constantly using our electronic devices like PCs and laptops, and especially after the pandemic, the usage rate is pretty high. We use them for classes, work purposes, connecting with people, and use them while connecting to other electronic devices.
But did you ever wonder what is the exact concept behind these connections, exchange of data, and how is this exchange happening, especially through internet? 🤔

Don’t you worry! In order to share an insight on this, we have the event NETWORKING NOMANDS scheduled with Likhith and Safal as our speakers! 🎉

By attending this event, you will understand the Concepts of Networking with Hands-on-Session.

So mark your calendars for the 20th November, 2021 from 5PM to 6PM

Event platform: Google Meet

See you soon! 😁


Agenda :-

- What is Networking ?
- Networking Protocols
- Reference Models and Explanations
- Demonstration for OSI Vs TCP/IP
- Networking Standards & Protocol
- What is Ethernet ?
- ARP and it’s Demonstration part
- What is Vlan and Wlan?
- Introduction to network layer
- What is Ipv4,Ipv6, Dhcp and ICMP?
- What is NAT ?
- What is Traceroute?
- Quiz on Quizziz

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