1. Basic Information

Congratulations on creating a Mozilla Community Group!

This is the Mozilla Groups README. It contains all the information required to successfully setup and manage a Mozilla group. Please read it carefully.

Mozilla Community Groups are groups of people who meet regularly and work collaboratively to advance Mozilla’s mission. Anyone who is working to advance Mozilla’s mission can start a Community Group. Groups can meet in-person or virtually and can be organized around a region, contribution area, identity, or interest. All groups must respect and adhere to the Community Participation Guidelines and follow the terms & responsibilities.

All Mozilla Community Groups must:

Only groups that meet our requirements and have been reviewed by a community manager will appear as “verified” groups.

2. Terms & Responsibilities

Becoming a verified group: 

All groups will be reviewed by a community manager after three months in the portal. In order to become a “verified group” it must be reviewed and approved by a community manager. At the time of their review they must be able to demonstrate they are upholding the terms & responsibilities of the group by having: 

Groups that fail to meet the criteria at the time of the review may be asked to update their group profile, or be removed from the portal. 

Validated groups will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they continue to uphold the guidelines and criteria.

Naming your group:

Group names should be informative and help new and established community members identify the groups that are most relevant to their interests and identities. 

Choose a group name that will:

Group contacts:

Group contacts are the people who are responsible for maintaining the group’s page on the portal and liaising, on behalf of the group, with Mozilla staff. There must always be two group contacts and they must change every year, their responsibilities are:

In order to be validated, group contacts must be responsive and able to answer and address issues on the group page. We recommend that group contacts are people who feel comfortable communicating in English, and have a good understanding of what is happening inside their group.

Note that group contacts do not have to correspond to governance roles inside the community. Communities are free to create their own internal structures and governance though all leadership roles should follow the Volunteer Leadership Principles.If you have any other questions about group creation or management please visit the FAQ