Mozilla Connect

Mozilla Connect is a collaborative space for users (you) to share product feedback, submit ideas for new features, and participate in meaningful discussions that help shape future releases! Take part by yourself, or with your friends!

How to contribute

There are many ways to contribute to Mozilla Connect and shape future Mozilla releases.

You can give ideas and feedback, participate in discussions, read through other contributors’ ideas, and upvote the ones you like the most. You can help Mozilla Connect to grow by spreading the word.

And, of course, you can carry out an event with your community!

1. Create an account and discover Connect!

2. Check out and contribute ideas

  • Check out ideas and up-vote the ones you like the most
  • Have an idea for a new improvement or feature? Add in the website!

3. Participate in discussions

Event Agenda

1. Introduce Mozilla Connect and create a profile (15 minutes)

Present Mozilla Connect and how to use it

Ask participants to create an account in Mozilla Connect


2. Brainstorm ideas and discuss them (ca. 1 hour)

  • Divide the participants into groups of 3 to 5 people (if there are less than 4 participants skip this step)
  • Ask each group to choose a product/topic. E.G. sync, bookmarks and history, search, privacy and safety.
  • Give each group 10 minutes to come up with 10 ideas. Tell them not to worry too much about the quality of the ideas, just push out as many as they can (if online, use breakout rooms)
  • When the 10 minutes have passed ask each group to briefly share their favorite (or funnier!) ideas.
  • Divide the groups again. Give them 10 minutes to choose 1 idea, and write it down as a real suggestion.
  • When all the groups are back ask them to present their idea. Add the ideas to a document (e.g. etherpad, google doc, whiteboard)


3. Vote the best idea and submit it (15 minutes)

  • Ask all the participants to give a “plus one” to the idea that they like more.
  • Submit the winning idea to the website, explaining how to use tags to make sure that the idea is easy to find.
  • Encourage people to vote for that idea on the website.


4. Conclusion (10 minutes)

  • Encourage the participants to tweet out their favorite Ideas using the hashtags #mozillaconnect and #mozillacommunity
  • Distribute swag to all groups that prepared an idea (if available). You can have special swags set aside for the group/person that had the winning idea