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Firefox Omnibus Foxfooding experiment

24 septiembre - 27 septiembre 2020
Get Involved

Participate in our new Omnibus Foxfooding experiment by testing some changes coming to our Firefox browser!


From the 24/09 to the 27/09 enroll in our experiment by adding to  a Firefox profile  some changes that we may be shipping soon in a future update to Firefox. If you are up to it, you can also help us test some new features!


Past Campaigns

Mozilla communities do great work together. These campaigns are over now but feel free to check out what everyone accomplished.

Campaña de asistencia en la Play Store

03 agosto - 23 agosto 2020

El 28 de julio de 2020, Mozilla inició el despliegue una nueva versión de Firefox for Android basada en lo que anteriormente llamábamos Firefox Preview. Para apoyar el lanzamiento, te pedimos que nos ayudes a responder a las reseñas de Firefox for Android en la Google Play Store.


En promedio recibimos 23.000 reseñas al mes en la Google Play Store. Por eso necesitamos la ayuda de Mozillians como tú para responder a esas opiniones y ayudar a otros usuarios de Firefox a tener una mejor experiencia online.



Common Voice Single Word Sprint

22 mayo - 06 junio 2020

The Common Voice project is Mozilla’s initiative to help teach machines how real people speak. We are building an open source, multi-language dataset of voices that anyone can use to train speech-enabled applications.

As of today, Common Voice has the ability to collect voice data for a specific purpose or use-case. Now, we’re putting this to the test and kicking off data collection for our first, single word target segment. To create this segment we need as many contributors as possible across various languages to record and review the digits zero through nine, as well as the words yes, no, hey and Firefox.

Hunt-From-Home: Phase 2

27 abril - 18 mayo 2020

Thank you for participating in the first phase of the Hunt from Home Campaign. With your help we now have a better understanding of the websites that need our immediate attention. We are rallying all  fearless bug hunters  for a  targeted bug hunting campaign that will focus on the websites you shared with us in phase 1 of the campaign. Choose what you want to test, find the bugs, and file them!

Hunt from Home: Phase 1

06 abril - 24 abril 2020

The Coronavirus has the world redoing how it works, learns and meets. As we move more of our lives online – we’re committed to making the internet a safe, productive, and fun place for all of us. We need your help to make sure Firefox works where you need us most  – tell us about the tools you’re using to collaborate, socialize, stream and learn so we can get or keep them working on Firefox.

Share your thoughts on the Surveillance Economy

17 diciembre - 02 enero 2020

Mozilla is evaluating how we might be bolder, broader and bigger in our work through the open and transparent ‘State of the Internet’ project. Outcomes will inform what longer horizon bets we might place to better address critical topics in online life. The project’s initial focus is on the Surveillance Economy. Share your insights on the Surveillance Economy, by reviewing and commenting 3 provocations.

Policy & Advocacy

Respond Campaign

03 diciembre - 22 febrero 2019

On November 12th Mozilla is launching major updates to its new Android web browser Firefox Preview. We need your help to support all the enthusiastic new users. We’re asking YOU to join Mozillians around the world for a month of answering questions and helping users have a great experience!

User Support

Join Firefox Campaign

25 noviembre - 31 diciembre 2019

Mozilla’s goal is to empower people across their connected lives. By getting our friends and family to join Firefox, they get ways to share files securely, keep their passwords safe, sync their browser across devices, test new products, and keep their data safe.


Become a Beta Testing BugHunter

15 mayo - 18 junio 2019

Mozilla is launching a NEW Android web browser and we need your help to get it ready for the free and open web. We’re asking YOU to become a fearless beta tester and BUG HUNTER to gather with friends and family, install this brand new browser and test it until you can test no more!

RESULTS: 8000 new installs, 533 bugs and about 3000 Daily Active Users



Common Voice 100 hours sprint

22 abril - 05 abril 2019

Mozilla’s Common Voice is the project that aims to unlock and open the voice ecosystem. It needs YOUR help to advance English voice collection and get to the next level. In order for a language to be usable by speech recognition engines we need at least 2000 hours of voice collected from at least 1000 diverse people, and we think communities are the only ones that can enable this diversity.

Results: 27 hours were gathered.

Firefox Fights For You - Video Challenge

11 enero - 03 febrero 2019

The Firefox Fights for You campaign, launched at the start of Dec 2018, with a set of compilation videos where people  “tell our story together” in 3 languages (English, German, French). We got  amazing submissions from so many teams!

Evangelizing & Teaching

Become a Dark Funnel Detective!

17 septiembre - 24 septiembre 2018

We want to understand where Firefox downloads come from. So far, we know that 30% of Firefox installs come from the official Mozilla website or from known partners. The other 70% come from mystery download sources that we call “the dark funnel”. Help Firefox understand what’s in the dark funnel, by participating in this campaign and spreading the light.

RESULT: 1563 reports filled



Add-ons Localization Campaign

14 julio - 02 julio 2018

Join forces with your fellow Mozillians and help top Firefox Add-Ons by localizing them into the top 10 languages.

Result: more than 100 volunteers from around the world localized 9 popular extensions into the 7 most used Firefox Desktop locales.

Localization and translation