Hunt from Home Phase 2

16 mayo, 2020

17:30 - 18:30 Asia/Kolkata

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Every developer would agree to the fact that your code is incomplete if you never encountered bugs. Irrespective of when it would’ve arisen, the satisfaction you get after resolving them is unbeatable, as it helps you move towards “Perfection” or at least help you get better and design an experience for your user.

Join the Mozilla Bangalore community in this event where we explain how the Gecko engine works and how you can hunt web rendering bugs to help the Mozilla project.

1. Explanation of hunting UI bugs for Gecko rendering engine
2. Live demonstration of bug hunting
3. How ninjas find bugs effectively
4. How can YOU find and report bugs


1. Educate the local community about the Gecko rendering engine. 2. Demonstrate the process of bug hunting with a live example session. 3. Involve people with the Hunt From Home campaign and engage them to hunt and report web rendering bugs.