Firefox Private Relay Campaign

21 Juli 2024

Firefox Private Relay is a new experiment from Mozilla, that helps you to keep your email address and data safe. 

Firefox Private Relay generates email aliases to use in place of personal email addresses. This way, it helps your personal email address from being harvested, and then bought, sold, traded, or combined with other data to personally identify, track, and/or target you.

We need your help to test this new experiment to make sure that it is ready for a wider release.

Do not share

Please do not share the link to this page, as this is only available for vouched Mozillians. Please do not post on social media about this new service before we proceed with a general release. If you want to chat with other testers, please join this matrix room.

How to download

  • Click “Get Firefox Relay” in order to get the email with the link to sign up.
  • Follow the link and sign up. Please follow this step as soon as possible as the link will expire.
  • Once you are signed up,  you will be able to download Firefox Private Relay.

How to use

  • When a form requires your email address, click the relay button to fill it with an alias instead. Relay will forward emails from the alias to your real inbox.
  • If any alias starts to receive emails you don’t want, you can disable it or delete it completely.

How to test

Choose a website

We need you to focus on testing these websites in connection with these 7  password managers

  • LastPass Password Manager
  • RoboForm Password Manager
  • MYKI Password Manager
  • Authenticato, Bitwarden – Free Password Manager
  • 1Password X
  • Norton Password Manager
  • Firefox Lockwise

Try to log in to those websites and see if Firefox Private Relay works


Let us know your progress

Report what you have tested using this form. This will help us understand which websites have been looked at.


File bugs

In case you find any bugs, file them in our github report

File bugs


Please be aware that Firefox Private Relay could be discontinued at any time and that you are using pre-Release software.  Please make sure that you do not use a Relay address for the most used or most important online accounts.