Answer Support Questions

Used by more than 400 million people, Mozilla support is vital to our community. It is also fully powered by volunteers. This is where you come in. 

Help users get the most out of their favorite browser by answering questions in the forum or on Twitter. Your contributions will reach millions worldwide, and you can do it from the comfort of your couch! 

How to contribute

This contribution activity can be carried out on your own or with friends/your community. Why not try them all?

From hardcore web developers to first time users, everyone needs your help in the forum! Share your knowledge on everything from “how do I install Firefox” to complex coding issues by pointing people to the right help articles and providing troubleshooting steps for their specific questions.

Here are a few activities to get you started:


  • [Forum] Answering questions (level: medium)
    • This activity focuses on reducing our backlog in the forum. You can choose what product you would like to work on. There’s also a progress bar in each  product so you could check the progress easily.


  • [Social] Tweetdeck activity (level: easy) 
    • Social support is pretty easy to start with. If you’re a newcomer, you can start by setting up your workspace in Tweetdeck. Once you set up your workspace, you could start answering questions right away. Also, don’t forget to add #fxhelp hashtag!

Firefox SUMO Sprint

During the first 2 weeks of Firefox release, we have SUMO sprint that everyone can participate in. Gather with your friends/family and you can share the activity together.

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