Contribute Documentation

Mozilla is an open community where anyone can help build resources for a better Web -  but we can’t do it without the help of our community. By contributing articles to our Knowledge Base of “help” articles, you can help millions of users use Mozilla products more efficiently. When our community contributes to our online documentation, it makes us stronger.

How to contribute

Contribution activities can be carried out on your own or with friends/your community. Why not try them all?

If you like writing, the Knowledge Base is the place for you! Knowledge Base is where you could find self-served helpdesk articles about our products. We need contributors that can write, improve or proofread articles in English. Thousands of people are accessing our Knowledge Base every week. Imagine how many will be helped by you!

Sign-up as a volunteer


Throw a Documentation Event! Writing doesn’t have to be lonely work, why not come together as a community? Choose an activity that you would like to have with friends, organize a time and space, and spend a few hours working together.

Here are a few activities that you can have:

  • Training on SUMO tools
    • Learn how to use SUMO platform to create, improve, or review KB articles.
  • KB Review
    • Activity that focuses on improving KB articles. This may include reviewing pending article revisions or discussing article revision on article discussion. Please note that you need certain access to be able to approve an article revision.