Firefox Omnibus Foxfooding experiment

24 septiembre - 27 septiembre 2020

Participate in our new Omnibus Foxfooding experiment by testing changes coming to our Firefox browser!

From 24/09 to 27/09 enroll in our experiment by adding to a Firefox profile some changes that we may be shipping soon in a future update to Firefox. Once you have enrolled in the experiment, you can do as much or as little as you want!

 If you are up to it, help us test some features, such as:

  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Credit Card Autofill
  • PDF experience
  • Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Lower frequency of error displays

How to enroll

Use a new profile

  1. RSVP to the campaign, so we know how many people are testing!
  2. Check that you are using Firefox release 81 (advised) or 82 beta (supported)
  3. Open an existing Firefox browser profile or create and a new one
    • A new profile isolates this testing from your normal browsing profile.  and it protects your normal browser,
    • An existing profile can make certain kinds of testing easier

Download the user js files

  1. Navigate to the “about:support” page.
  2. Click the “Open Folder” button from the “Profile Folder” section.
  3. Download the Treatment OR Control user.js file
    • The treatment file  enables the new functionalities
    • The control branch allows us to gather data without changing your user experience

Install the user.js files

  1. Place the user.js file in the profile folder.
  2. Close the profile folder and restart the browser.
  3. Check if you have successfully enrolled in the experiment:
  • Navigate to the “about:studies” page and the Omnibus experiment should be displayed as ACTIVE on the page.

Successfully enrolled in the experiment

Attention: Remember to unenroll after the 09/28

If you use the file on your main profile and you want to restore it to default, you’ll need to manually look for the prefs in about:config page and reset (if existing) or delete them (if created manually). Some of the prefs from user.js file are existing, some are added.

Here are the prefs:

  • user_pref(«app.normandy.user_id», «test-userId-0»);
  • user_pref(«app.normandy.dev_mode», true);
  • user_pref(«app.normandy.logging.level», 0);
  • user_pref(«app.normandy.testing-for-recipes»,»bug-1665467-pref-shirley-omnibus-experiment-release-81-82″)

If you are using new profiles for testing that they delete after, deleting the file or resetting/deleting the prefs is not necessary.

  • A profile can only be unenrolled once from an experiment regardless of which method is used.
  • Some features might only be fully removed or reverted after a new browsing session.

How to test the new features - optional step

Downloaded the Treatment File

In case you downloaded the Treatment file check these instructions

Downloaded the CONTROL File

If you downloaded the CONTROL file check these instructions

Reporting a bug

In case you found a bug, please mark it as blocking Bug 1666612